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Next up, we’re looking at Better Work.

The world of work is undergoing rapid transformation. What are we doing right? Where are we getting it wrong? How can we improve opportunities?

Join us on April 8th for an expansive conversation on the future of work in the UK.

2020 introduced to many a completely new way of working, while levels of unemployment reached heights not seen in decades. How might these shifts shape tomorrow’s landscape of opportunity? What more needs to be done to support young people coming through this crisis, and by whom?

In spite of all the turbulence, the ‘Entrepreneur Revolution’ and ‘gig economy’ steam ahead. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Studies, today’s students are likely to have 8 to 10 jobs by the time they are 38! Our school career departments have been preparing us for a lifetime career, will this even be a thing in 30 years?

Moreover, what work are we even going to want to want in 50 years? How might humans thrive in a future dominated by A.I.?

Joining us to discuss their visions for the future will be:

SPEAKER PROFILE: Jake Jooshandeh, The Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce

Jake is a Researcher within The RSA’s Future Work Programme, specialising in issues related to technology, the future of work, and economic security. As part of the Future Work Programme, Jake spends much of his time thinking and exploring how technology and evolutions in the economy effect all our experiences as citizens and workers. In particular, how the most precarious in our societies are left behind by these changes and what the state, employers, and social entrepreneurs can do to help everyone prosper in a world of universal ‘good work’. His most recent work includes how we better harness skills in the modern economy and the economic security of key workers through the pandemic.

SPEAKER PROFILE: Lauren Razavi, Author, Global Natives

Lauren has been working globally and remotely for 10+ years with roles in the music, media, and software industries. In February 2021, she was recognized as one of the world’s top 75 remote work influencers by Remote. Lauren has visited 40+ countries and published 250+ media stories with titles like The Guardian, VICE, Digiday, and Wired. Her first book, Global Natives: The New Frontiers of Work, Travel & Innovation, explores the rise of digital nomads and work from anywhere. Lauren’s work spans technology, business, policy, and human behaviour, and her clients include Google, Emirates, Royal Bank of Canada, Randstad, and the Singapore Government. Lauren’s Counterflows newsletter covering distributed work and borderless living is read by 1,200+ curious people each week.

How Does It Work?

Each speaker will talk about their latest work, reflect on what’s hot for them, share calls to action, discuss synergies and paths forward – with comments and questions from attendees throughout.

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