A civil society based in Cambridge, a community of practitioners and thinkers working around the intersections of technology, ethics, and society.

A small group of us in Cambridge felt that, across the world, technology’s rapid advance and adoption is having profound implications for democracy, society, and freedom. As a city that feels full of bright people working in the areas, it somehow lacks a civil society (outside academia) active in the area. We therefore wanted to bring people together to start to form positive responses to our particular age, and to encourage technology to develop in line with wider values.

Taking inspiration from our sister community in London, Newspeak House, initially we anticipate the group being a place for discussion, but the hope is that as it develops, we might form a community of praxis.

Our first event will have a loose theme of Automation and the Future of Work. and will take place from 6-8pm on 26th October 2018 at a private residence easily accessible from Cambridge Station.

We are collating reading materials in the document embedded below, and would love to hear your suggestions as to what to read.

Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to suggest a URL and an indicative snippet for others to read; also please use the form if you live in the wide area and are interested in attending.