A civil society based in Cambridge, an interdisciplinary community of practitioners and thinkers working around the intersections of technology, ethics, and society.

Technology is advancing rapidly and has implications not guided by how we (in a liberal democracy) want to live. How can we (Future Fridays) think about how tech develops to ensure it grows in line with our values?

NEXT EVENT: 30th May 2019 | Mental Health & Technology

Previous events:

26th April 2019 Narratives for Progress: Climate Change

29 March 2019 Global Responsibility

22 February 2019 Design for Ethics: Culture and Technology

25th January 2019: Persuasion:  the State of the Art.

30th November 2018: Public Service Internet & the Media.

26th October 2018: Automation and the Future of Work.

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Future Fridays is non partisan and has no political affiliation to the other democratic work done by Forward Democracy.