A truly diverse and representative democracy is the key to a thriving future.

Together, we follow in the footsteps of the many movements and passionate citizens that have come before us.

For decades campaigns like ours have roared and made positive change happen. They have fought for equal rights, against wars, for the active protection of our environment, our public services, for the futures of workers, for the rights of those forgotten, abused, and discriminated against.

People come together, work together, and win together.

Join a growing number of partners working on a national movement to unlock Westminster in 2024 and reimagine the way we do politics for the future.

About Forward Democracy

We exist to defend and develop democracy in our era. Initiatives include ‘Swap My Vote’ and ‘TacticalVolunteer.uk’. The leadership team has an extensive track record spanning decades working with some of the UK’s biggest institutions and campaigns.