Wired have run an article on the civic tech innovations coming out of the Tech for UK movement, including our own Compare the Brexit platform.

The Tech For UK crowd is mostly comprised of startup founders, developers, recruiters, marketing experts, social media strategists. They might have joined out of simple pro-EU sentiments, and/or out of worry for Brexit’s impact not only on their lives, but on their livelihoods and businesses. They have seen how VCs stopped liking the UK; they are fretting about European innovation grants drying up, or European tech workers talk about moving somewhere else; some of them, of course, are European citizens themselves. Dismayed by the fatalistic comportment of official trade organisations, these people eventually congealed into an unofficial pro-Remain guerrilla operation, determined to use their skills to make the Brexit train stall before it goes flying over the white cliffs of Dover. As [Mike] Butcher puts it, this is an exercise in “civic technology.”

It continues…

…some of the products the group has created over its almost twelve months of operations: Compare the Brexit, a website detailing how every single shade of Leave will wreak havoc on different areas of British society; myeu.uk, an interactive map designed to answer the Monty Pythonesque question “What has the EU ever done for us?”; and Finalsay, an app pro-EU citizens can use to cajole their MP via vocal notes.

Image credit: Getty Images (from the Wired article linked above)