Forward Democracy is set up to defend and help improve democracy, in the UK and beyond. We do this in various ways especially in digital and social media.

Click to send a message to friends – get them to join you in registering to vote

Save our Future provides an easy way for people to share a message, to help people reach their friends and WhatsApp groups with a call to engage in, defend, or strengthen democracy.

You may receive a WhatsApp message on the domain. When you click on one of the links in the message, the app makes it easy to forward it to 5 friends, groups, and contacts that you choose.

In technical terms, clicking a link makes an API call to WhatsApp, generating the message for you to send.

You can amend the message before you send it.

It takes just a few seconds to read and share the message, and, depending on which type of democratic action is in the message, perhaps a few seconds to a few minutes to complete that.

Try them, and share the messages widely

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Developed initially for Best for Britain* with the support of Tech for UK
Producer: Microclimate

Developers: Andy Broomfield | James Freedman | Stef Lewandowski | Tom de Grunwald

Designers: Megan Ellis | Antia BuhigasShasmin Mozomil | Copywriters: Rose Newell | Ali Adair

*Early versions (up till May 2019) of the tool were promoted by Best for Britain, the campaign name of UK-EU OPEN POLICY LIMITED registered at International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2BN. Best for Britain is registered with The Electoral Commission.

Previous versions of Save our Future are captured here for posterity only