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Swap My Vote helps voters make their vote count under the wildly iniquitous ‘First Past the Post’ electoral system. They can vote with their head, and their heart.

Voters use the site to find a voting partner with complementary tactical voting preferences, so that each can have a vote cast for ‘their’ preferred party, where it could count for more.

Swap My Vote

In the UK’s 2015, 2017, and now 2019 general elections, the site has helped thousands of voters find a voting partner, provided voters unhappy with the electoral system with a practical action they can take during the election, and, most importantly, reignited the debate around proportional voting systems.

How people swap their votes (image based on the first 1000 vote swappers registered in 2017)

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Now open for the 2019 General Election. Click to find a vote swap partner.